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Eliminating Parasites

I had a great follow-up appointment today with a young woman who has had serious digestive troubles for several years, since acquiring a parasite infestation on a mission trip. She had tried every kind of parasite cleanse, medical and otherwise, and had still felt awful, but is less achy in the joints, and is not seeing her food come through whole after less than three weeks, Her mom asked if I had seen other people with similar problems, referring to parasites, and the unfortunate answer is yes…..but that parasites don’t cause problems, they actually reveal them. Let me explain.

Like any other organism, parasites need to have a controlled set of conditions in their environment to survive. Warm, moist, and dark is ideal, with lots of available food. A stomach high enough in hydrochloric acid, fully digested food, no excess mucous in the intestines, and lots of good bacteria in the gut make it impossible for parasites to live happy lives, so they die or leave. Get digestion working properly-which means finding out if it’s the pancreas or stomach not doing it’s job, not just adding tons of supplements at random-and there won’t be any more problems. What we learned about this young woman was that her stomach hadn’t been doing its job-probably for long before she went on her trip. The condition of her digestive tract was such that it welcomed the nasty buggers, but so weak afterwards that it couldn’t maintain even the minimal function she had had for a very long time after the parasites were eliminated. One more evidence for the classical 2 builders-to-1 cleanser approach in natural healing. Get the body built and it will cleanse itself.” Cleansing” is not one of the better health fads we have seen; far better to feed things right and make them do their jobs.

The same is true for yeast overgrowth-when somebody tells me they’ve “been on a candida diet for years”, it’s obvious to me it hasn’t worked!

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