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MICRO Cancer Managers!

Heard a great TED talk last week discussing Micro RNA and its apparent role in directing cancer proliferation, which is part of a testing device that can identify certain cancers long before they are symptomatic. It occurred to me that what muscle-testing may be identifying is micro-RNA, since it is recognizing communication in the body. Thinking about that reminded me of a client I had many years ago. She actually made an appointment with me to get the real estate listing for my house, which was on the market 'by owner'. In the course of the consultation her body indicated some extreme stress in her blood and lymphatic systems. I shared my concern, expressing that I did not know why she was testing for the supplements she did, but that she clearly needed to pay special attention to those areas. I did not list my house with her, and she opted not to begin her suggested supplement program. She was young, physically very active, and felt like she was in perfect health.

About a year later she scheduled another appointment, at which she told me her massage therapist had found a suspicious lump in her armpit a few weeks earlier, and that CT scans and other testing had confirmed the presence of a very rare, rapidly growing lymphatic cancer in 13 different areas. She did choose to take the supplements that time, which were almost identical to the program for which she had tested the previous year. Her body had known about her condition long before anyone would have suspected the presence of disease, and had identified the things which could resolve the issues. She also followed through with lymphatic drainage massage, dry brushing the skin and the lymphatic stimulation exercises I share with clients for whom those system concerns are primary. Her appointment to begin conventional medical treatment was not for about six weeks; by that time there was no remaining trace of the cancer.

RNA is like the software running your computer, directing messages to cells throughout the body, telling them when to replicate among other things. An article reviewing a recent study confirming the value of a particular plant RNA noted , "....has medicinal properties not only because it possesses miR2911, but also because ingestion of the plant enhances dietary uptake of other microRNAs."(emphasis added). That's true of plants in general, and is why I base most of my client's programs on herbs rather than vitamins or minerals. It also explains why things like Spirulina and Nature's Sunshine Super Algae combination are so beneficial-as single cell organisms they contain the complete RNA messaging system! Bee pollen is another similar support food. Because of the critical nature of RNA, it is especially important to be aware of quality assurance in these supplements. Lots of spirulina and other algaes are harvested in areas of the Western Pacific Ocean still contaminated by radiation, and in polluted Great Lakes. Bee pollen often contains microencapsulated pesticides, which are tiny, waxy, balls designed to act as slow release vehicles that are virtually identical to pollen particles. They are simply gathered unintentionally as the bees work, and can also attach electrostatically to bee's leg hairs. Know your sources! After the nuclear explosion at Chernobyl, goldenseal was consistently on backorder from Nature's Sunshine. When I called the company I was told that most goldenseal comes from northern Europe, and that they had been unable to obtain any that was not contaminated by radiation. Goldenseal had continued to be sold by every other herb company because no other company does radiation testing as a routing part of raw material screening.

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