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Kim Welborn has been a natural health practitioner and teacher, helping thousands of clients to better health through natural means for over three decades. She is trained in Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal traditions as well as flower essence therapies, aromatherapy, homeopathy, lymphatic drainage and energy work. She is the founder of the Body Systems CounselorSM Certification Program, embodying her views that healing work is more than offering herbal "prescriptions".

Kim has taught throughout the world and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. She is the author of “Leaves for the Tree of Life, a guide to integrating body, heart and mind”, “Colonial Medicine”, "Three Wives Kitchen Cookbook" and “HERbs: A Guide to Women’s Health”. You will enjoy her personal and lively presentations. Schedule your class or arrange for Kim to speak to your group today.

START YOUR NEW YEAR WHOLE: Upcoming Class January 7, 2023!

Tools for Healing; Attend Live in Vero Beach FL or Virtually

Pioneer Medicine
Adult & Children’s Classes – 1 ½ hours


This will be a fun-filled, hands-on, educational experience. Focused on the traditional folk-medicine remedies of the first settlers and plain-crossers. You’ll learn how today’s medicines evolved from old-time practices...why cough-syrups are cherry-flavored, what pioneer coffee was made from, and what were the first types of pain-relievers. Come join Kim for a historical adventure for kids of all ages!

HERbs: Guide to Natural Health for Women
Series of 4 classes - 1 ½ hours each


  • Physical Issues in Women’s Health: Nutritional Approaches to Common Health Concerns; Herbs & Vitamins

  • Environmental Issues in Women’s Health: From Lighting to Feminine Hygiene;  Home and Personal Care Concerns

  • Emotional Issues in Women’s Health:  Depression, Relationships and PMS;  Flower Essences & Essential Oils

  • Energetic Issues in Women’s Health:  Body, Heart, and Mind Integration; Homeopathic & Chinese Constitutions


Health in Your Hands:
Muscle Testing for Home and Family Health Care
3 hour class

Learn how to determine exactly what's going on in your body when things aren't "right", and what you need to set things straight. Muscle testing is easy to learn, universally applicable, and an invaluable tool in answering questions like "Will this work since I don't have what the book says to try?", “Are these grapes too high in pesticides?", and "What can I do to help my crying infant?" Wellness is at your fingertips!

Tools for Healing:
Flower Essence Therapy
and Structural Energetics
A full day workshop, NOW INCLUDES MONTHLY VIRTUAL FOLLOW-UP SESSIONS! Includes lunch for live participants.

Most of us are aware of the immediate physical effects of strong emotions: when we are sad, tears form and our throat may feel as if it’s closing, and fear may cause us to tremble, and perspire. At much deeper levels our emotional experiences affect our health. Tools for Healing, based on the Tree of Life energy model, identifies these relationships and teaches how to determine the primary cause of stresses in the body which can underlie depression, anxiety, and other health conditions.  You will learn effective techniques for identifying, integrating, and resolving root issues than suppress or ‘control’ emotional challenges. Learn to use flower essences (Bach and others; similar to Homeopathic remedies in that they stimulate a response in the body’s energy field). Other topics include aromatherapy, foods and colors as they relate to emotional energy. The final portion of the class will allow students to work with one another to reinforce the techniques and tools for healing learned in the workshop.         $195

1 hour class

Our skin: the organ that protects the rest of our bodies.  It is so important, and yet we still mistreat it constantly.  Whether with harsh unnatural chemicals in our soaps and water, or with unprotected exposure to the sun, we need to take better care of our skin.  Come and learn how to do it, without using any dangerous chemicals or additives.  After all, why would you want to dump more toxins onto your skin, after all of the poisons it already keeps outside of your body?  Come and let us show you how to take care of your skin naturally.

Ask the Herbalist
1 ½ hour Class 


An opportunity to ask anything you’ve ever wanted to know about herbs and natural health!  Get questions answered to everything you didn’t know you wanted to know!

Woodstoves and the Swamp Thing
1 hour Class 


This workshop provides a solid introduction into how your body works, what keeps it from working, and tools to make it do more for you. Kim has over thirty years experience in natural and alternative health counseling, including raising four essentially doctor-free kids and teaching thousands of students and clients about better ways of living. 

Body Systems Counselor Certification Program
Series of 12 Classes 


Healing work is more than simply offering herbal “prescriptions.”  This program emphasizes identifying and resolving root causes of illnesses rather than attempting to treat diseases.  It is comprised of 12 Practitioner-level classes. Each module covers environmental, bio-chemical, structural, emotional, and energetic issues of specific body systems. For more details about the Body Systems CounselorSM program please see the PRACTIONER TOOLS page.

Custom Classes
Class time varies


Design a class specific to your group’s needs! Kim has presented to a wide range of groups on a diverse range of topics, from Colonial Medicine in historic St. Augustine to full-semester courses at a midwifery college. Focus on children’s health, pregnancy and baby care,  natural first aid, Chinese Constitutional typing, or eating right in the real world. You decide!

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