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Rather than the guess-and-test method of herbal diagnosis and prescription, Kim uses an integrated approach. She evaluates and educates clients in environmental, structural, emotional and energetic issues impacting their health.  By muscle Testing each organ and cross-checking to determine primary, underlying weaknesses we can bring fast resolution and long-term change with just a few products. Testing a complete program for the four areas indicated tells you whether homeopathics, essential oils, or other tools will be of most value in conjunction with a targeted supplement program.

Body Systems CounselorSM
Principles & Practice:
Herbs & Natural Healing
6 hours video (include muscle testing), 3 hours audio, notebook with reference sheets, exams and client handouts. This is the foundation module which must be completed first; individual body systems may then be completed in any order.
Individual Body Systems

3-4 hours video, 3 hours audio and workbook insert  

Why Body Systems CounselorSM??


I had been asked for years to produce a training program for “master herbalists” based on the way I have worked successfully with my own clients.  When I actually sat down to do it I didn’t feel that title was appropriate for two reasons.


First, there is no current training standard for most alternative therapy.  While I do not want to see licensure or government standards, I cannot put credence in most of the programs I have seen.  Correspondence programs offering “master herbalist” and similar certificates range from very comprehensive book training to diploma mills.  My signed aromatherapy certificate was on the top of the box containing the course materials; while the information  was excellent, I would not have even had to unpack it to be certified.  This course is not like that.  You will have to complete an extensive test for each module before receiving your certificate or diploma.


Second, I don’t think herbs are enough.  If we just send someone home to “take six of these and call me in the morning” we are no different from the allopathic doctors most of us avoid.  We need to be competent counselors for our clients in a much broader sense, offering sound lifestyle advice, listening ears, caring hearts and knowledgeable referral to other types of practitioners when appropriate.  This course is designed to assist you in developing those capacities.


The initial module will familiarize you with the principles which underlie natural healing practices.  You will develop understanding of the way that herbs work, and of the way that other modalities support those principles.  You will learn the relationships between one organ and the others, between symptoms and responsible systems, and between stressed and weakened conditions.  You will be taught comprehensive muscle response testing in addition to basic health observation and evaluation techniques.  


Succeeding modules will focus on specific body systems and associated organs.  Video material will include structure and function of each relevant organ, interaction with other body systems and full-counsel approaches to common symptoms.  It will also cover evaluation of stressed and weakened conditions of organs within each system.  Audio classes will cover nutritional, environmental, emotional and energetic aspects of that system.  Client handout sheets containing diet and lifestyle suggestions are included for each system.

“[Kim] is an excellent consulting herbalist and has helped many people. . . . I feel very comfortable in referring people to [her]. She . . . does an excellent job of presenting herbal material to other people.”

— Steven Horne

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