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Meet Kim 

Over 30 years ago, when her oldest child was two and a half, Kim took him to the doctor for yet another sinus infection. After 23 days of antibiotics (he’d reacted allergically to the first one, which at the time was the newest on the market, followed by two rounds of Amoxicillin) the doctor wanted to try yet another round for the still-present problem.   She decided they had experimented enough with drugs and wanted to give something else a try. After just three days of trying herbs his nose was clear and he never returned to the doctor for another illness! This opened Kim's eyes to the world or natural health and began her learning journey. Her background includes Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic Herbalism; Unani Medicine and Aromatherapy; Energy Work, and Flower Essence Therapy. Kims experience has benefitted thousands of clients. 


She is the creator of the Muscle Response Testing Kit and Body Systems CounselorSM Certification Program which emphasizes identifying root causes of illness rather than attempting to simply 'treat' disease symptoms.  Now you can take advantage of her decades of experience to help yourself and your family to a life of wellness.


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