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Muscle Testing Kit

Kim was introduced to Nature’s Sunshine Products over 30 years ago while trying to free her son from chronic sinus infections and antibiotic use.  After a few days of using Sinus Support™, she was convinced.  Now, after years of muscle-testing frustration — sorting through products, not having the products she needed, and having to commit to memory which products help what and in which way — she has packed all of her knowledge into one easy-to-use kit. Now you can take advantage of her decades of muscle-testing experience to help your family, your business, and yourself.

“Kim Welborn’s kit is by far the most efficient, versatile, and effective way to test clients I have ever used.  With all of the Nature’s Sunshine product in there, not to mention the add-ons available, I have everything I need in one place.  It’s simply awesome!”

 — N.S.P. Manager, Judy W.



The Finest Kit
Available &
Still Affordable!

All products are separated into 21 distinct body organs/systems, unlike most other kits on the market today, which use only nine.  Separating products this much further gives more detail when analyzing system weaknesses, greater efficiency when testing products, and the most specific support possible for your clients.



All of the products in the kit are indicated as being either a building agent, a reducing agent, or an adaptogenic agent.  Know you are dealing with a weakened organ?  Test for a building product.  Trying to help calm an inflamed region?  Look at your reducing products.  We have yet to see this information in another muscle-response testing kit; we couldn’t imagine testing without it.



So many of the products we all use are helpful to a variety of body system weaknesses.  How can you possibly restrict them to just one system?  We don’t.  A product that benefits more than one body system is placed in the system for which it is used most often, but has references to all other system packets for which it is helpful.  Now when you’re having trouble finding a product that tests strong, you can look to other systems for additional help.



It wasn’t long after we started experimenting with different kit ideas that we decided ours must be color-coded.  The ease of finding the system you’re looking for, organizing your products, and — best of all — putting everything away when you’re done is simply incomparable.  After trying out several different colors and combinations, we came up with the brightest combinations of easy-to-read system labels we could — to make all of our lives easier!

Kim Welborn’s Muscle-Response Testing Kit

contains nearly 400 Nature’s Sunshine health products in labelled bags containing three capsules, tablets or muslin saturated with NSP liquids. All herbal, vitamin, mineral and phytonutrient products are included with the exception of concentrates, multi-vitamins and vitamin C. The kit comes completely assembled, with 21 body systems in 20 labeled boxes placed inside a sturdy, protective carrying-case with complete instructions, a system key, and a body-system test-points diagram conveniently affixed to the inner lid.


​​​​​​​​​​​​COMPLETE KIT:


(current through 9/23)




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41 dry or freeze-dried products, including 11 grains, beans, peas, problem foods like peanuts, milk, sugar and gluten, solution foods and NSP food supplements. $69



All essential oils and blends in glass vials.



These products are NOT just concentrated versions of the regular formulas. They work energetically, more akin to homeopathic remedies, balancing a variety of organs rather than primarily supporting one system. 




Covers basic testing, polarity, hiatal hernia and ileocecal valve correction, cross-checking for primary weakness, stressed/weakened system testing, self-testing and more. 


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