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AH-CHOOSing Natural Health Care

Judging from the calls I’ve been receiving this must be that sniffly sneezy time of year. We all know that the first rule of health is to stop putting poisons into the body; it’s interesting that cold and flu “season” comes right on the tail of all our holiday goodies!

Ideally, of course, the best way to deal with a cold is not to get it in the first place. Alas, life sometimes being less than ideal, I’ve been able to learn a little about how I can successfully deal with things like…


My introduction to natural healing was 2000 mg. of Vitamin C (NSP #1635-5) every hour with Chinese Hot and Sour Soup to cure a cold.

I find that with Bioflavanoids with C (NSP #1646-4) I can have as much response to 500 mg. since the bioflavanoids allow full utilisation of the C. The soup was high in Capsicum and Garlic with Parsley (NSP #832-3), which accounted for it’s magical properties, but it did get old fairly quickly as a regular diet! Now I am more apt to use CC-A (NSP #840-5) and/or Capsicum and Garlic (NSP #832-3) as capsules. My mother explains that “CC-A doesn’t make the cold (meaning the runny nose) go away completely, you just don’t feel bad while you have it.” Remember that the body needs to rid itself of dead cells and waste matter and the nose is an easy exit. I take CC-A in fairly large amounts (9-12) the first time I feel it coming on, then take 3-4 every time I think about it for a couple of days; I supplement the CC-A with Yerba Santa (NSP #769-9) (optionally the liquid form of CC-A with Yerba Santa (NSP #3165-0)) and Zinc Lozenges (NSP #9337-8) if there is a sore throat or constant tickle. Once I get that first round in I try to lock myself into a hot bath with several Ginger capsules (NSP #300-6) opened into it to get everything moving while I sip hot Vita-Lemon (NSP #2932-7). Makes it sound almost appealing to get a cold about now!


I have great affection for the bottle of FV (NSP #900-7) ever present on my shelf. I take 9-12 when I first get an inkling of the flu then 4-6 every hour until I taste ginger, indicating that I’ve reached the saturation point. I repeat that the next day if I don’t feel fully better; so far I have never needed to go beyond two days. I do support the body with Colloidal Minerals (NSP #4013-6) mixed with apple juice and BIO-WATER if there is vomiting; I spray the mixture into the mouth if absolutely nothing will stay down. Flora Force (NSP #4080-4) replenishes the natural helpful bacteria lost with digestive disturbances and mixed with yogurt, Rice Bran Syrup or Molassus (to provide energy and B Vitamins) and Slippery Elm Bulk (NSP #1391-2) (to soothe mucous membranes in the intestines and colon) is also very helpful in stemming diarhea. Small Intestine Detox (NSP #848-2) and Intestinal Soothe and Build (NSP #1105-8) are other combinations I’d consider with that problem.

I generally use VITAMIN A (NSP #4065-3) or Beta Carotene (NSP #4008-6) to give the body an extra boost as well as keeping up with the C and trace minerals. One note here on fevers – remember that most viruses and bacteria die off at tmeperatures over 102 degrees; your body is doing its job with a fever in that range.


My first impulse with a cough, especially in children, is to reach for Licorice Root (NSP #420-6) and make a strong tea. If the cough is tight, I add Lobelia Essence (NSP #1765-8), if it is spasmodic I add a drop of Blue Vervain (NSP #3160-8). Because the cough indicates to me a stressed respiratory system, I will support the body with ALJ (NSP #775-9), Breathe E-Z (NSP #1866-3), Lung Support (NSP #1887-6) or LH (NSP #1000-4) depending on muscle response testing; I will also check for Fenugreek-Thyme (NSP #885-1), Marshmallow (NSP #843-1) and Mullein (NSP #460-7). Externally I use Tei-Fu Oil (NSP #1618-7) and Lobelia Essence to do lymphatic massage of the neck and underarm areas, chest and back. If I think I may be dealing with pneumonia or severe bronchial infection I will also test for PLS-II (NSP #1029-4), Lymph Gland Cleanse (NSP #960-4), Black Cohosh (NSP #80-3) and IN-X (NSP #1220-1). I have also found that people with those problems often do well with mild support to the Thyroid and Thymus glands, as in Thyroid Activator (NSP #1224-0) and THIM-J (NSP #1089-8).


My first real studies into herbal science came as a result of recurrent sinus infections in my then-two-year-old son. When the doctor suggested we try “one more round” of antibiotics after 23 days of unsuccessful treatment I decided to try something else instead. My basic approach to any sinus condition is Sinus Support (NSP #1246-7) and Combination Four (NSP #892-5), frequently with Lobelia (NSP #430-1) and Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY (NSP #920-3) added as well. I have found that most people tend to have sinus problems on a recuuring basis, indicating a general weakness in that area and usually need to take the Sinus Support on a regular basis until the body has had time to replace enough weak cells with good solid tissue. I use the Lobelia Essence (NSP #1765-8) on the facial sinus area and for working the lymph nodes in the neck to ensure drainage. Tei-Fu Oil (NSP #1618-7) rubbed on the fingers and inhaled frequently helps to open passages; if there is major blockage I will inhale salt water and/or Bayberry (NSP #60-6) if that isn’t sufficient. Remember,it’s always better out than in.


My daughter has found the cure for earaches when she was three years old – watching Hello Dolly! What she missed somehow was everything leading up to that point. Her pain came on very strong and very suddenly just before our church service ended. We were home within ten minutes, by which time she was screaming for us to make it stop hurting. Those are the moments that you wonder if maybe you shouldn’t hit the Emergency Room. I gave her a Valerian combination extract called APS II (NSP #780-8) and Lobelia Essence (NSP #1765-8) to allay the pain, CBG Extract (NSP #1751-2) to support the ear itself, and Blue Vervain (NSP #3160-8) to support the kidneys, knowing that they are responsible for the fluid level throughout the body, and that when the ear is hurting there is usually a fluid imbalance. I let her chase them with pineapple and cranberry juices, again to help the kidneys flush. I put the same extracts, warmed by a heating pad, into the ear itself and began some serious masssage of the entire area from the top of the ear down to the shoulder and from the back of the neck forward to the chin. That entire area felt completely impacted. Because of that, Rachael didn’t particularly want me rubbing it, and that’s where the movie came in. We laid her down to watch it while I worked the lymph nodes and within ten minutes she was laughing at Horace Vandergelder. In that thirty minute total we wouldn’t have been through our preliminary paperwork at the Hospital! I did keep her on Urinary Maintenance (NSP #2884-4) and CBG to keep the ear supported for several days.

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