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FAQ: Are Herbs Really Safe?

I believe that most herbs commonly sold over the counter are safe for most people to use, but there are many that are of such poor quality that they can’t do you much good. My only hesitation would be with those herbal combinations targeted to weight loss and “energy” boosting. Ma Huang, or Chinese ephedra, has gotten an undeserved, really bad rap from some of those formulas, most of which contain obscene amounts of caffeine, which is the real danger. Ma Huang is used in Chinese medicine to move blocked “chi”, or energy, which is really helpful in constrictive conditions like asthma. People who are really “uptight” often feel uncomfortable taking it because it gets things moving that they have tried to squash, which is why they sometimes get a little snippy. On the other hand, caffeine is addictive and causes major stress to the adrenal glands-which produce adrenalin, among a huge number of other hormones. Kola nut, guarana, green, red or black tea and many other plants can contain more caffeine than coffee, and concentrated or isolated caffeine and ephedra alkaloid extracts are also common additives.

I will not promote anything in my materials that I believe has any potential for harm.

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