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Flu Season Survival

I have been inundated with calls about the fear of flu; my feelings about flu are no different this year than any other! (For my views on flu vaccines see the Q&A section of my website). It’s true that this year the media has emphasized that several children have died, but we have not heard whether or not, as is probably the case, they were children who were already immune-compromised. It’s no accident that cold and flu season follow the holidays, when we all eat too much and too many of the wrong things, and get too little rest. Common sense guidelines in those areas and a few simple practices will prevent or minimize flu for the vast majority of people.

The first step to not overeating is to maintain as much of a meal routine as possible, which keeps you from eating so fast that you don’t even realize you’re full. Eating a balanced meal before parties helps prevent you from loading up on sugary and snacky foods as well. If you are eating foods you don’t normally consume, consider adding some Proactazyme Plus to support the increased digestive load. Increasing your protein and fiber intake when your sugar consumption goes up helps the body process sugars at a more stable rate; Sugar-Reg and PBS can help stabilize sugar levels if that alone is not sufficient.

I put the whole family on the Stress Packs when we’re in the midst of too much good cheer: Nutri-Calm is specific to the nervous system, while Suma is an adaptogen combination that helps the body cope physically with environmental stresses, and the Stress-J contains herbs that help support muscle relaxation. The combination is wonderful! The less stress your body experiences, the easier it is to resist viruses and other elements. If I were to take only one supplement in hopes of prevention, it would probably be the Suma. Guardian oil is an additional tool to fighting invaders. The blend of pure essential oils has been documented in Europe for viral and bacterial reduction; I use it on the kids when they’re in crowds, on the cigarette lighter in my car, and mixed with Sunshine Concentrate Cleaner for my home. I keep HCP-X on hand in case we feel the flu coming on, which I take generously in conjunction with a ginger bath. This is a traditional formula with herbs to support each organ generally impacted by classic influenza symptoms, including white pine bark for deep lung issues. The initials stand for “herbal composition powder-Christopher”. The latter is a reference to Dr. John Christopher, who is largely credited with the resurgence of herbal medicine in the twentieth century. “Herbal Composition Powder” was the name given to the combination by Dr. Samuel West in the 1800’s, when he used it for whooping cough and flu, both as an herbal tea and as a steam bath blend. When symptoms are gone, I usually take Fenugreek and Thyme for a few days in order to rebuild my system and avoid a recurrence.

It is vital to stay hydrated to prevent or to deal with the symptoms of the flu, since free urination and perspiration allow the body to eliminate toxic waste and regulate body temperature. In cold weather it’s easy to forget to drink water, though fluid needs remain constant. Diluted fruit juices help to keep vitamin levels high ( I discourage orange juice except for small amounts of fresh-squeezed, as it converts too rapidly to sugar. Eating a whole orange is ok since that provides bioflavanoids as well as fiber to even out the sugar distribution). I was really impressed with Berry Healthy, a dried fruit and berry blend that mixes with water, when I “got” the flu last month. The berries add high antioxidant levels in addition to the vitamin C and others that mitigate symptoms. Colloidal Minerals added to fruit juice or the Berry Healthy increases the electrolyte levels, which helps with fatigue and aches. Remember that caffeine and sugar both reduce resistance and increase stress, so substitute Herbal Beverage for your coffee and sparkling water for your soda.

Flu doesn’t have to last for weeks!! We rarely have symptoms for more than a day or two. Influenza homeopathic is my ace in the hole in case that day is critical!

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