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Spring Cleaning for the Skin

Once you’ve cleaned out – clean OFF! Try the Sunshine Cleaner in the shower with a pump dispenser, and try the Herbal Shampoo for a pure clean that looks great. Maybe add some HSN-W for support to your hair, skin and nails at the beach or in the garden! If you’re swimming in a pool, remember that chlorine is absorbed rapidly – a 10-minute shower raised blood chlorine to 80% of water level. I use the Sunshine Cleaner mixed 2-1 with cider vinegar, which helps neutralize chlorine at the pool when I get out. I also used this mixture in my bath or shower before I had the Shower Kleen heads that filter out the chlorine. Make sure to drink plenty of Reverse Osmosis water and Liquid Chlorophyll to help flush the system. Follow also with Irish Moss Lotion and a facial moisturizer. Remember to check your makeup, too – dermatologists recommend replacing most things at least every 6 months because of the large amounts of bacteria collected, especially in mascara and other eye makeup and on lipstick. Replace your products as needed so you know you aren’t poisoning yourself to be gorgeous!

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