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Pesty Petsy Problems?

When most people think of parasites, they first think of their pets. Some of my best clients are of the four legged or finned variety; one of my downline managers first started using herbs for herself only after they kept her cat from euthanasia.

Garlic (NSP #290-0) and Herbal Pumpkin (NSP #915-2) capsules can be given orally or mixed in food. Most animals will willingly eat the things they need. (Does your pet know to eat grass?). For small or very finicky pets, I like using Black Walnut extracts (NSP #1755-7).

Since I won’t subject my pets or my children to any chemical substances, I was really thrilled to find Natural World’s Pet Shampoo and Pet Powder. Even our angora rabbits were helped by the powder, which contains pennyroyal and citronella oils. I sometimes add tea tree oil (NSP #1777-1) to the shampoo during peak flea season, since it kills them on contact. We have also used tea tree oil in my son’s tropical fish tank after a commercial anti-fungus combination killed more fish than fungus. Tea Tree Liquid Soap was helpful when one rabbit had a warble, since it disinfects as well. (We followed up with Golden Seal / Echinacea extract (NSP #3180-1) and Golden Salve (NSP #1698-0)). We saw a huge hole heal in three days. When we found the rabbit he had lost quite a bit of blood and was in shock. I started giving him Licorice extract (NSP #1780-9) to stabilize the adrenals and was amazed as he literally sucked it out of the dropper faster than I could squeeze it.

My mom is sure our epileptic poodle lived 20 years because of herbs. We gave her Herbal Trace Minerals (NSP #980-5) as a mineral supplement. My sister’s dog had heart and respiratory irregularities which are doing nicely with Ephedra and Lobelia tintures (NSP #1765-8). I have also had good results with Red Clover Blend (NSP #1350-0) and Sasparilla for skin conditions and liver strengthening. The glycerine base is soothing in itself when used topically and will not harm the animal when ingested. The liver is the seat of most allergies and is stressed by chemicals in the environment, which gets into a vicious cycle for many pets using synthetic “solutions” for various sensitivities.

Animals respond beautifully to homeopathy. Flower essences are homeopathic remedies which address emotional issues. I have one client who raises racehorses and swears by them for skittishness. I have seen total personality changes in minutes using these in cats.

“Now that you’ve saved my cat, I figure I might as well let you try it on me…” – Laura H.

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