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Your Best Defense Against E. Coli

Lots of reports on the E. Coli outbreak in Europe have everybody concerned about it once again, and there seems to be a lot of demand for the government to “do” something more. Best bet is to take care of yourself so that your immune response recognizes and responds appropriately, but the first place that has to happen is in your stomach, where the acid will kill most bad bacteria………if it’s there. (Antacids remove that useful acid, which is probably why people taking them also are much more likely to get pneumonia, since bacteria can thrive in the bottom of the esophagus.)

So what about heartburn? It doesn’t come from too much acid, but from having acid where it doesn’t belong. Get the stomach into the correct position and the acid can’t “reflux” back up and cause problems; I need to do that for a huge number of my clients, especially women, especially women who really worry about looking “nice”, since they “suck up” their stomachs into the diaphragm!

Other things I’d have on hand for digestive bacterial concerns include Slippery Elm to keep nutrients high (it’s a complete protein) and mucous membranes healthy (check out George Washington’s slippery elm story in my Pioneer Medicine audio or DVD), an antibacterial Golden Seal combination like IN-X, and sea salt, apple cider vinegar, and molasses to replace electrolytes. Also just found out that Albumin keeps bacteria from adhering to mucous membrane walls, so you might try egg-drop soup!

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