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Finally! The Last Link in the Thyroid Puzzle!

I just read a report about the use of fluoride to treat hyperthyroidism beginning in the 1930’s in Germany, where patients were intentionally and successfully overexposed to fluoride via bathing in and drinking fluoridated water to reduce thyroid activity. I have been amazed at the number of people I see who have been diagnosed with thyroid issues. Conversely, that means drinking fluoridated water will reduce thyroid function for everyone, which is a factor in hormone health and, critically, in calcium absorption. Two links have been evident for ages. The first is that when people have a hiatal hernia, the esophagus pushes up and can put pressure on the thyroid, which can cause it to become erratic. No amount of medication or supplements seems to get things regulated, and can’t until the stomach gets back into position. Energetically, it’s linked to the tension in the solar plexus caused by conflicts between how you feel and how you act…..lots of my clients need a flower essence along with having their tummies rubbed with dandelion oil.

Second issue is iodine, which Floridians are overdosed on because it’s an airborne nutrient carried in sea air, and carried inland via rain. That is why goiter was an issue in American soldiers from the Midwest during the dust bowl, when no rain fell, and why it got better when they went to England. The American government decided that if it helped eliminate goiter, then everyone should get it, so it was added to salt. Problem is, we aren’t in a dust bowl at present, and coastal residents already get plenty of iodine in their air. In the isolated form found in iodized salt, it just accumulates and causes problems, including hyperactive thyroids.

I have used the Shower Cleen ( filters on my showers for years, and a Nature’s Spring Reverse Osmosis ( unit for the water I drink and cook with for years, so my family is fluoride-free. I’ve raised 4 kids with only one actual cavity (one other needed a filing in a structural defect in a tooth), even though I do not use fluoridated toothpaste, waived fluoride treatments, and their parents have mouths full of fillings. Eat right and you’ll get plenty of everything you need for healthy teeth.

Interestingly, Kentucky is one of the highest States in dental problems…and has the highest percentage of fluoridation in water.

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