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Supporting Your Sinuses

The sinuses are filtering tissues that screen air entering the body. In addition to your recommended supplements, the following suggestions may be helpful…

Warm, moist compresses over the area will help to release tension and loosen mucous. Adding aromatic oils will aid in opening the flow of air and fluids through the sinuses.

Massage the sinuses, including the area above and around the eyes, especially at the inner corners. Massaging the jawbone and the side of the neck down toward the collarbone will open the lymphatic flow, allowing space for matter to drain.

Rinse the sinuses with a “neti pot” or another irrigation technique. Ayurvedic tradition holds that everyone should do this each morning, bringing body- temperature water into one nostril and out the other. Small amounts of sea salt or a drop of aromatic oil such as clary sage may be used regularly; oregano or tea tree oil may be helpful if infection is present. In case of exposure to mold, a weak solution of pau d/arco may also be effective. Bayberry tea is a helpful astringent where excessive inflammation exists.

Certain foods may be related to excessive mucous production. Your counselor may suggest that you minimize or eliminate your consumption of dairy products, wheat, or other foods not well digested at present.

Synthetic elements should be eliminated from the environment, including commercial cleaning and laundry products, pesticides, air fresheners, and most perfumes. These are typically petroleum based and will combine and outgas additional toxic fumes. Most home pesticides are neurotoxins.

Showers are often a problem because hot water rapidly releases chlorine and its byproducts, irritating respiratory passages. The steam is helpful, but use a filter such as the “Shower Kleen” to eliminate stressful chemicals. Likewise, avoid highly fragranced soaps & shampoos unless you are certain only pure essential oils have been used. The use of aromatic oils such as eucalyptus or peppermint can actually enhance shower benefits as the steam carries into the respiratory system.

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