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Q&A: Estrogens

Question: Does the Nature’s Sunshine Parasite Cleanse contain estrogens?

Answer: No. Nothing in it is considered remotely hormonal in traditional use. Actually, there are no estrogens in plants, anyway, at least not that can be used by people. So-called “estrogens” in plants, like were supposedly in black cohosh (phytoestrogens) have been found to NOT actually bind to estrogen receptors in the body, so there is a mystery now as to why it relieves hot flash symptoms in women. My guess is that, among other things, it increases cell oxygenation, since it has also traditionally been used for pneumonia and snakebite (in men and women!). Soy may be a partial exception, but remember that it is not a naturally occurring plant, but a hybridized mung bean created by humans in the 20th century. It is also very likely to be high in pesticide residue, which has a risky estrogenic profile (xenoestrogens, which can’t be processed out by people).

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