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When Fat is Your Friend

Just saw another study linking high intake of fish to low incidence of heart disease in Eskimos, who have obesity rates slightly higher than the average in the US. BUT before you load up on Omega 3 oil capsules (I do carry an Super Omega 3, but frankly, very few people muscle-test as needing it when we do a full systems evaluation instead of testing just products. That’s why I developed the Body Systems Counselor Program. I don’t think anyone should be living on pills.) At any rate, just take a couple of things into account: Fatty acids are like all other nutrients in that a deficiency or excess in one may lead to an imbalance in another. I don’t believe in megadoses of anything.

More importantly, the best source of any nutrient is in actual foods, where they tend to be found in conjunction with co-nutrients that enhance absorption. Omega oils are significantly lower in farmed fish than those caught in the wild, so look for that on the label. For those of you who may be offended by the supposed stress that places on wild populations, understand that the chemical residues and other waste from fish farm food and the treatments required for disease and other problems inherent in concentrating production all end up back in the aquifer or directly in the ocean. Wild salmon in the vicinity of fish farms are being found with chemical levels that would be unacceptable to anyone.

Understand, too, that it is the fat these fish produce to adapt to the cold water that offers the benefits. Skim milk is fed to pigs to fatten them for slaughter. Fat is your friend if its in a form God made. We don’t do as well when we modify it to our mortal standards!

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