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Q&A: Underlying Issues

Question: My husband does not believe in Muscle Testing. He likes the smell of essential oils. He is struggling with a lot of emotional issues. I know that a flower essence would work, however that is out. I know you don’t diagnose, but I need some help from one who has experience. I feel a good vitamin would help him as his diet isn’t the best. He tried the Super Supplemental from Nature’s Sunshine and cannot stand the taste of the pill on his tongue… and can taste it through the day. Also, are there a few oils that would be good for one who is was abused? Answer: One of the hardest aspects of working in the healing arts is that you can’t fix people. Health is a choice, and if someone “doesn’t believe” in something so won’t objectively try it, won’t control their eating habits, and struggles with emotional issues but won’t experiment to resolve them, you have to honor their choices. Flower essences help increase awareness of underlying issues, which means you have to want to face and then resolve them; otherwise they are simply inert. Pure essential oils stimulate the limbic system and provoke a sympathetic nervous system (physiological) response, not an emotional one. The attars act more as bridges between the energetic and emotional aspects, and might be more helpful than plain oils. The challenge is in knowing what the true underlying issues are. (Some people find it helpful to do proxy testing for someone and read the description of the flower essence to increase understanding of those issues. Frequently they are not easily identified intellectually and by observation, as actions often mask deep subjects.) Rose attars address grief and judgment issues; jasmine often releases stress and supports the inner child; ylang-ylang strengthens the ability to speak one’s “voice'; musks get people in touch with their physical body and sexuality. All of the above are aspects of abuse that may need to be addressed.

Most commercial vitamins are in a petroleum base and can cause a bad taste, but the NSP are in a base of plants, which are completely digestible. If he is tasting anything throughout the day, either his stomach is way out of position and completely dysfunctional (nothing should even be in the stomach for more than 3-4 hours before it is completely digested), or he has a really strong emotional response and nothing physical will change that. You might try the children’s chewable vitamins.

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