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FAQ: How do I know what herbs to take?

My best suggestion is to learn to muscle test yourself, which you can do with my videotape. Follow your instincts, and evaluate your overall health condition rather than “treating” symptoms as they come up. Find a competent practitioner (easier said than done, which is why I developed the Body Systems Counselor program; hopefully I will have people trained around the country that I can feel comfortable referring to) who is intent on exploring all aspects of your health, rather than just prescribing a major supplement program. I am amazed at the people who will walk into a health food store and ask any random clerk what they should take. Would you walk into a supermarket and ask the stock person to plan your next dinner party? Always test products in combination with other supplements you plan to take. You might find a dozen items that would test well individually, but synergistically you will probably only need three or four. Understand that the quality of supplements varies dramatically from company to company. Everything I promote is something I have tested and worked with personally. I have blind-tested supplements for my clients from other companies, and consistently found that they needed 3-5 of other brands to every 1-2 from companies I work with. Cheaper does not necessarily translate to more economical!

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