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Q&A: Skin Cancer

Question: In addition to some issues with my digestive system, in the past 5 months I have also been dealing with skin cancer on my forehead. I had a nodular cancer that was surgically removed 6 weeks ago. The local anesthesia and antibiotic that the doctors gave me made me sick (vomiting) and has left my stomach upset since the procedure. In addition I have another spot that was treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen in January, then we did a 4 week course of a cream called Carac, I just returned to the doctor yesterday and he said neither of those were effective, and it is still cancer. I am waiting for the biopsy results to decide whether to proceed with another surgery or with a different cream called Aldara. Additionally, the doctor and I both noticed a new spot, which he determined was cancer and treated with liquid nitrogen. This new spot has appeared in the 3 weeks since my last dermatology visit.

I was muscle tested today and I tested for Black Cohosh (4 pills per day) and flower essence Sage. The sage also tested very strong to be applied directly to my forehead and the cancerous spots. I’d appreciate your advice for any further recommendations for treating the cancer. Answer: “Cancer” is a generic term for abnormal cells that the body allows to proliferate rather than destroying them, as it should. Failure to recognize the cells as abnormal is the real problem – everyone produces “cancerous” cells from birth. Destroying the identified cells by any means does NOT solve the problem! Getting “sick” from the anesthesia shows that your liver is working well enough to recognize and seek to remove the foreign element; the thymus gland needs to do the same for the faulty cells on your forehead to trigger their destruction. Sage is a powerful cleanser, and the need for it as a flower essence indicates that much of the stress weakening your ability to identify what should – and should not – be a part of you is emotionally based. General guidelines for anyone dealing with cancer on the skin include being very aware of the cleaning products, soaps, cosmetics, etc, in use in your home. Black Ointment has drawn and removed various growths from a number of individuals I have known, and raw coconut oil and Silver Shield have worked for others.

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