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Q&A: Fears and Worries

Question: I am having problems with irrational fears and worries. My father recently passed away and I have a young son. Please help me to be all there for my son.

Answer: Your adrenal glands, more than your nervous system, drive fear; in Chinese medicine the kidneys, which sit directly beneath the adrenals, are implicated. Sugar exacerbates adrenal stress. Pantothenic Acid is an adaptogen for the adrenals, and often will test for people in huge quantities. (I stopped counting one particularly challenging day when I tested for 12….) The Five-Flower formula stays in my purse, my kitchen, and my glove compartment at all times; A drop under the tongue or on the wrist is a huge help in calming down fear. The Chinese water-reducing formula, unfortunately now called “Kidney Activator”, helps to physiologically balance fear issues. On a more specific note, I would consider Baby Blue Eyes flower essence; it is emotionally reasonable to fear leaving your son since your father has just “left” you.

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