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Q&A: Healthy Chocolate?

Question: Lately I’ve been hearing a lot about so called “healthy chocolate” from friends and family members. It is being advertised as an enjoyable nutritional supplement, and it’s also a home-based business opportunity. I’ve tasted the products and I like them, but I’m interested in what you think of their claims for health benefits. Answer: The important things to remember about chocolate as an antioxidant are to find out whether or not the cocoa is raw, since heat affects the antioxidant quality, and to look at the sweeteners being used. Sugar (organic or otherwise) increases the body’s need for antioxidants by damaging cells with excess acid, stressing the adrenal glands, and creating free radicals; artificial sweeteners (including refined stevia) can add pancreatic and liver stress to the mix. If the correct conditions are met, you can indeed have “healthy” chocolate!

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