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Q&A: Leg Cramps

Question: I have a friend who is cramping in her legs only at night, when she relaxes. She has been eating mostly greens and fruits, no oils, for 10 days to get rid of candida, as well as taking the Nature’s Sunshine recommended herbs (capril., pau darco, flora force). She’s on the 3rd day, just struggling with the cramps. Any advice? Answer: Cramping is usually a magnesium deficiency or magnesium/calcium ratio imbalance, which should not be a problem if she is eating mostly greens. Dehydration is the first thing to check for, and the lack of fats could be removing enough lubrication to stiffen up the joints when she stops moving. Only other thing I can think of is that if she is eating primarily greens she may be excessively alkaline, enough to be causing a protein deficiency that is stressing the muscles.

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