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Q&A: Gall Stones

Question: I am suffering from gall bladder and gallstones problems. How can you help me? Answer: There are a couple things that help the body effectively rid itself of gallstones, all of which I have seen clients use with great results. Most of my clients have tested for herbs that build and support bile flow and production, like the Gall Bladder formula from Nature’s Sunshine and Cascara Sagrada. Most people also need supplemental magnesium in large quantities to reduce calcification, which is also a major component of hydrangea. I encourage my clients to spend a couple days eating only raw foods, then to do a gall bladder flush, which has inevitably resulted in their passing stones. People are sometimes told by physicians that could be dangerous, the stones could get “stuck”, etc, but I have never seen or heard of that happening and cannot find a single documented case of that happening anywhere in the 24 years I have been practicing. Aside from all of these symptomatic responses, the stones would not be there in the first place if bile flow and fat digestion were adequate-so that would be the more significant issue to address!

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