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Chicken Pox

When chicken pox is on th

e rampage, I am often asked how I deal with them. First of all, when I hear of them starting up (or any other virus making its rounds) I put everybody on a consistent program of Nature’s Sunshine Immune Maintenance formula and spike our fruit juice with Instant C. So far, each time chicken pox has gone around our community one of my children has had a milk runny nose (better out than in!) and a low grade fever (burn out those nasty critters) for about a day, then they have gotten five or six teeny spots that never really amounted to much. Maybe just a coincidence. If they ever did come in full glory I would use lots of organic Vitamin A for the skin and the immune system and muscle test for quantity of FV and/or HRP-C. I would also keep the bowels loose and use lots of Citrus Bioflavanoid. Might also try HSN-W, Horsetail, Safflowers, Hops, Combination Eight, B Complex and Nutri-Calm. Topically I would use Redmond Clay with Herbal Trim and Bio-Water to ease itching and help heal. Bathing with Cider Vinegar and Redmond Clay added to the water might also be worth a try.

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