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Haste Makes Waste – Makes WAIST!

Fast “Food” – I use the term loosely – conjures up burgers and fries and fake apple pies which sound awful ’til you’re driving by between stops. If you spend as much time in your car as I do, remember these… Your body stores waste matter in the fat cells that it can’t get out quickly enough… think about what’s really in that strawberry fake. OOPS. Should have have been shake?

Many fast food chains add substances like silicon to keep fried foods crisp; your body is completely incapable of processing them so they go straight to your fatty areas! The only release can be cellular cleansing, helped along perhaps by body wraps with Herbal Trim, designed to help draw toxins from fat calls. (Also knows as Cellulite.)

Your body craves nutrition, not food. If you crave chocolate, think magnesium. If you crave sugar, check the adrenals and maybe try licorice and pantothenic acid. Learn your body language!

Things to do to avoid the screaming munchies? #1 is to EAT BREAKFAST! A good nutritious meal early on is the best prevention. Vita-Lemon first thing in the morning seems to really help with appetite reduction. Carry a bag of trail mix, whole wheat bread sticks, pita chips or rice cakes in your car in case you run later than expected; I also try to keep a fresh jar of Nature’s Spring Water. If you must eat out fast, try a salad bar to-go but skip prepared salads and the iceberg lettuce. You can make the change to healthier lifestyle and get a body that looks as much better as you feel.

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